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One of our most popular brands that we stock is the Calibre FUL Tooling, we would like to share with you why they are so popular with our customers and why we rate them so highly.

This blog post outlines how this brand has made such a mark in the industry and why we believe they produce some of the best tooling money can buy.

More than 30 years of industry experience

Calibre FUL Tooling Ltd was founded in 2001 and boasts over 30 years of experience working in the tooling industry. With over three decades of knowledge and experience, they are renowned for producing first-class tooling time and time again.

Advanced technology

FUL uses the most advanced technology available to the market and is now recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in Europe at the forefront of tooling technology.

Exceptional quality

Producing the highest quality industrial tooling using the latest generation of materials. Each product part uses carefully selected materials, tested and inspected, thus obtaining a final product widely used by leading Joinery, Furniture, Display & sign Makers.

The FUL product range

Calibre FUL Tooling supplies the highly regarded Italian produced FUL product range to the UK and Northern Ireland. These professionally built router cutters and drills offer outstanding durability and exceptional quality, which is why they are so popular within the industry.

High performance

FUL provides an extensive range of very high-performance drills, including boring, dowel, and through-hole styles manufactured from micro-grain Tungsten carbide, resulting in long tool life.

FUL TCT tooling is manufactured from extremely high wear-resistant sub-micron carbide, ensuring the cutting edges are kept sharp for a long time.

Always supportive

The brand is a never-ending source of information and technical support, and they are always happy to help and provide guidance when required.

Great reviews

We have been dealing with the brand since 2009 and have received countless first-rate reviews from customers praising the quality and price of the tooling.

A comprehensive range of tooling

Within the extensive range you will find tools that are suitable for nearly every application from boring on chipboard, machining MDF or drilling materials galore we are sure you will find the right tool for your job.

Suitable for many industries

The range is used by leading joinery, POS, door manufacturers, furniture, display & sign makers, making it wholly versatile.

Ready to shop the range?

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